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Pergolas can greatly add style to your home. Whether you want one built for shade or just some added character to your outdoor living, we can do it. We specialise in building a variety of timber pergolas. 
There are many benefits to having a pergola installed:

Style & space

Creates visual interest to your home and extends your living space.

Enjoyable outdoor area

Increases the amount of time you can spend outside.

Shade protection

Adds shade protection from the harsh glare of direct sunlight.

Grow vines

A solid structure to grow flowering and fragrant vines over.

Garden in the air

You can create a garden in the air by adding plants to your pergola.

Add value to your home

 Add value to your home since outdoor living has become increasingly popular.

Pergola Styles

Pergolas define your outdoor space without making the area feel smaller. Most of the time customers come to us with ideas they have found. We customise that design to suit their own house, or simplify it for people that want a basic timeless design. 

If you are stuck for ideas, give us a call or request a quote below and we'll be happy to pop over and discuss different design ideas and find the best style of pergola for your home.

Outdoor pergolas
wooden pergolas

Pergola FAQ's

How much will a pergola cost?

That will depend on the type and size of the pergola you would like. We'll also need to evaluate the building area for any limitations that may affect your design. Contact us to arrange a site meeting so we can provide a fixed quote price.

Do I need building consent for a Pergola?

Pergolas are simple-framed and unroofed structures which are often used as garden features. They may either appear attached to a building or freestanding. While there is no limit on the size, you do not need build consent providing they are not roofed.

Where does KS Fence & Deck provide services?

We operate from Tauranga and we also service the Bay of Plenty region. 

I would like a new pergola but don’t know where to start?

Give us a call and we can pop over for a chat to discuss your options. Our job is to make it as easy as possible for you. 

Quote Enquiry

If you would like a quote, or need to have a chat about an idea for your project - phone 022 400 5535. Alternatively, fill in the enquiry form below, and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

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Thanks for your enquiry, we will be in touch shortly.

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