Face Fixed Pedestrian Gates



Our face fixed style pedestrian gates are a KS staple. This is like the traditional timber gate however we custom make an aluminium gate frame to size. The reason for this is an aluminium frame is light (timber frames are heavy), it will not twist or warp from the sun (timber frames twist and warp), and the gate is less likely to drop over time. It's a win-win! 

We custom powdercoat each gate frame to your choice of colour from the Dulux range. You can choose the timber cladding. This is face fixed directly onto the aluminium frame. With this style you can only see the frame from the rear of the gate. 

We provide quality latches and hardware options to suit your safety requirements and budget. 

We can custom make driveway swing or sliding gates in this style too. 

All Aluminium gates will have a powdercoated finish. You can choose your choice of colour from the Dulux range. Click here to view.

SKU: 10000-13-2-3 TAG: Aluminium

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