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Need to keep kids or pets inside your property? Or just need that extra privacy and security?
KS Fence & Deck are here to help! We offer affordable gates in a range of options to suit your budget and style.

Gate Options

Gate Frames

Unfortunately most gate frames built with timber end up twisting over time and dragging on the ground making it hard to push open. This is because water can make the timber frame heavy and prone to rotting so it drops down. KS Fence & Deck specialise in powder coated aluminium & galvanised steel frames for your gate which eliminates this problem, meaning you can enjoy easy access through your gate for years to come. 

Once we have your gate frame ready, we can then add the cladding on to it. You may want your gate to match your fence or to be cladded to suit your house, whichever your requirements are we can certainly tailor your gate design to your requirements. Depending on your budget and what you use the gate for, there are three options:

1. An 'off the shelf' aluminium gate frame. These come ready-made in certain dimensions which are generally a standard 1m wide pedestrian opening. The gate frames are either galvanised or powder coated black. They also come with a handhole for the latch. We can generally add most types of timber cladding on, in the style that you prefer. This is a more budget friendly option.

2. A custom made aluminium gate frame. These are fabricated to the dimensions that are required for your particular gate. They arrive back to us powder coated in your choice of colour, ready for cladding and installation. These frames are lightweight and you can choose where you would like the handhole, or you can choose no handhole for extra safety. 

3. A pool fencing gate. If you prefer not to choose a gate with timber cladding, and privacy isn't your main concern, we can install a pool fencing gate for you. 

Gate FAQ's

Can you build us a gate with timber framing?

Unfortunately, no. We stay away from using timber for our gate frames, as it usually always becomes too heavy from water retention and drops/sags & twists!  An aluminium/steel gate frame is cost effective and eliminates this issue. Plus the gate will last longer!

What time of year is best to install a gate?

Any time of year is fine, we work around the weather. Please try and book in advance of when you need the gate installed as we do book up fast. 

I really want my outdoor area upgraded but have no idea where to start or what to do. Can you help?

Yes, we can meet with you and do a complimentary on-site consultation where we can discuss options that best suit your outdoor area and to fit in with your budget.

I have found some great fence and gate ideas I have saved on Pinterest. Are you able to use these images to build me a gate in the same style?

Yes, we can.

How much will it cost?

Gate prices vary depending on size and the type of timber cladding you prefer. Generally our prices range between $850 - $1500. We also need to consider what preparation work is needed to install your new gate too.

Where does KS Fence & Deck provide services?

We operate from Tauranga and we also service the Bay of Plenty region.

Quote Enquiry

If you would like a quote, or need to have a chat about an idea for your project - phone 022 400 5535. Alternatively, fill in the enquiry form below, and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

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