Deck designs to inspire your outdoor space

When planning your outdoor area there are a lot of options to consider. Here in New Zealand building a deck into your outdoor space is a very popular option as it creates a focal area where you can place your outdoor furniture to entertain family and friends or spend quality time relaxing with a book or a wine. We have noticed over the years it is generally a key space in most kiwis back yards. 

The deck can be customised to your personal wants and needs so lets look at some considerations below: 

Product choice: 

The type of decking timber you choose is likely to be the first option to consider. Generally speaking the three top options kiwis may consider are Hardwood decking timbers, pine timber or a composite decking material.

Hardwood decking boards are the highest quality timber you can use for your new deck and offer durability and strength plus it is much less likely to warp from the elements. Hardwood decking has known to last over 40 years depending on the type chosen and the correct maintenance applied. 

Treated pine is a softwood and can last between 10-15 years. It is more cost effective than a hardwood timber so perfect if you are on a strict budget. Over time hardwood becomes more economical because of the durability. 

Composite decking is the most expensive decking option however it is virtually maintenance free, will not twist or warp, is basically unbreakable under load or impact and will last for decades to come. It is the number 1 option for placement around a pool or wet areas. 

Basically, your choice comes down to budget, how long you plan to use your deck for and where it will be placed. 

Image: Composite decking samples
Image: Composite decking samples


The final colour of your deck is generally the next biggest decision. There are a lot of options around this. A lot of people choose their decking product based on the colour of the product as it really has an impact in the final look of your outdoor design.

Kwila has been the most popular long term because of the reddish brown colour that goes perfectly with modern homes. Garapa decking has been flying out the door the past 5 years because of the golden-honey colour that matches coastal themed homes that have become so popular. 

Pine and Vitex decking have little colour statement so are great if you want the deck to blend it with the environment rather than be a big feature. What some people forget is that the decking boards all silver off over time to a silvery-grey colour if left untreated. You can either silver off your deck a little bit and then stain the boards to the colour of your liking or coat your boards in a stain or a clear oil type product to protect and enhance your decks colour from the get-go. The latter being our recommendation. 

Composite decking comes in set colours that will not fade so your colour decision at the start is important since you will not be able to stain the deck later to change it. 

Image: Picture framed Kwila Decking
Image: Picture framed Kwila Decking


The design of your deck is extremely important. Don’t stress, you don’t need to go too fancy but considering small options such as picture framing your deck have a large impact on your overall design. 

Picture framing your deck with perpendicular boards is a great way to achieve a subtle touch of class. Custom building the deck around a feature tree or creating raised planter boxes for plants within your deck are great ideas. Building a seat around the outside of the deck is a superb option for extra entertaining or perhaps consider some steps down to a lower level. 

Curved decks are also a possibility. They are less common therefore more noticeably interesting and can enhance your garden as a feature. 

Image: Garapa decking with pergola
Image: Garapa decking with pergola


A good outdoor deck design is functional for your family and friends. Think about the type of feeling you want your space to evoke and what you will mainly be using the area for. You can complete the look with feature lighting, a pergola or some sort of overhead structure used for shade. 

Finishing touches: 

Remember your deck will be used for entertaining and relaxing! Pop out a few outdoor couches or a dining table, some pot plants, umbrella, bbq and enjoy the summer! 

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